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The Foundation. Philosophy and location

The Mempo Giardinelli Foundation is a non-profit Non Governmental Organization whose essential mission is to promote and foster reading. It is an educational institution that carries out activities and programs through a Study Center while adding to cultural life in Chaco and all the Northeast region of Argentina. In addition, it is a common cause institution which supports reading-related social programs.

The Foundation created, and currently organizes and sponsors only the following institutions and programs with permanent offices in the building located on 355 José María Paz Street in the City of Resistencia.

* The Grandmothers Storytelling Program
* The Assistance Program for Children’s Dining Halls
* The International Forum to Foster Books and Reading
* The Center of Advanced Literary and Social Studies (CAELyS-Chaco)
* The Foundation’s Library
* The Juan Filloy Institute of Literary and Social Research (IILS-JF)
* The Argentine Literature, Criticism and Writing Seminar

Any other institution or program that has not been mentioned above is absolutely unauthorized. Furthermore, the Foundation is not liable for any procedures taken and/or developed by people who are not expressly authorized.

Where we are

The Northeast region of Argentina is composed of the Provinces of Formosa, Misiones, Corrientes and Chaco. Chaco is where we work. It has a population of more than one million scattered over 99,633 square kilometers. The very fertile lands have been devastated by floods, unsustainable environmental policies, poverty and the extreme marginalization of the native peoples, Qom, Wichí and Mocoiq.

Historically, Chaco has been one of the poorest provinces of Argentina, along with it's neighbors Formosa and Corrientes. Though it is true that in recent years there has been a certain level of development, there is still a huge population suffering from unsatisfied basic needs.

The foundation carries out it's activites in the whole region of Chaco, with programs particularly directed towards social and educational needs, in which dozens of storytelling grandmother participate, and which is permanently dedicated to the training of teachers and librarians in the whole province. Morever, the institution supports the daily continuous activity of the Assistance Program for Childrens Dining Halls.

Currently, the majority of the activity is carried out in the area called El Gran Resistencia (Greater Resistencia) that is comprised of the metropolitan area of the province formed by the Municipalities of Resistencia, Barranqueras, Puerto Vilelas and Fontana.

Due to the lack of planning, about 400,000 people are concentrated In this Metropolitan area. They live in the area that forms the floodplain of one of the main rivers in South America, the Paraná River, in the area demarcated by the watershed of the rivers Negro (to the North), Arazá (to the South) and Riacho Barranqueras (to the East). Most of the area is low and flood prone, it has mainly recent alluvial soils, which are young and hydromorphic.

This location makes Resistencia an ideal commercial hub for the whole region.The city is a nodal center where land, fluvial and air routes converge so the place is well connected to the region, the country and the world. In addition, it is almost an unavoidable path for all the trade carried out among the MERCOSUR nations.

How you can help...

Foundation Funding. Since we are a non-profit Non Governmental Organization, all our activities, projects and programs are funded by our own financing, and almost the totality of the work is accomplished by a dedicated community of many volunteers.

From its beginnings, after a small personal contribution, the Foundation has been carrying out all its activities relying directly and exclusively on those funds, which are raised through the services we provide, seminar and course enrollment fees, tickets sold for several activities, annual subscriptions, and also, on occasion, donations made by our friends worldwide.

These contributions, conscientiously managed by the Foundation, are complemented, only on occasion, with public and private entity funds. That is the case with one of the most important undertakings we embark on annually: the International Forum to Foster Books and Reading, which is carried out with the help of specific sponsorship and patronage of both public and private entities.

You can help us improve our Programs and services to the community. Your monetary contribution, no matter the amount, can help us do a lot. So, if you are willing to help us, PLEASE read the information below.

DONATIONS - Ways to Help.

Any individual or legal entity, public or private, as well as organizations, foundations, businesses NGOs and any other type of legal entity can contribute for the activities carried out by the Foundation by donating money following these procedures:

a) In Argentina by writing out a check in PESOS. Write out a check to: Fundación Mempo Giardinelli or deposit the amount of money at the Banco Credicoop, Current Account number: 375-10869-1.

b) In the United States by writing out a check in DOLLARS. Write out the check to Fundacion Mempo Giardinelli, and mail it to the following address: Dr. Fernando Operé c/o FMG/ 25 University Circle/ Charlottesville, VA 22903.

c) In Europe by writing out a check in EUROS. Make the deposit or money transfer to: Fundación Mempo Giardinelli, at the: BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA - BBVA / Oficina 1041 / calle Muntaner 277/ 08021 BARCELONA. Or deposit the amount of money ar the BBVA, Cuenta Corriente: 029-150097-5 /IBAN: ES67 0182 1045 2002 9150 0975BIC / SWIFT CODE: BBVAESMMXXX.

d) Credit card (NOT AVAILABLE YET).

IMPORTANT: In every case, please let us know the exact amount deposited via email to: so that we can issue the corresponding Official Receipt. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTIONS.

First and Last Name:
State or Province:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
CUIT (in Argentina):
Where, when and how much you donated (Country, Bank).

Translation: Dr. Christopher Little.

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